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on Islamic Education

Proceeding of International Conference on Islamic Education explores ideas and solutions for international Islamic education problems, such as (1) improving the quality of Islamic education management, (2) teaching and learning processes (3) educational measurement and evaluation, (3) curriculum, (4) education research and development, (5) child protection in education, (6) the role of the family in Islamic education, (7) the application of Islamic values ​​in Islamic education, and (8) improving the quality of teachers. Also, this proceeding will explore the best practice of Islamic education in several countries around the world. This educational process aims to create an excellent, productive, competitive, and solution generation for community development. Strengthening innovation and mastery of technology is an effective way to deal with globalization. Therefore, the most basic and the most important thing is to apply Islamic values ​​in the educational process.

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2021: Proceeding of 3rd International Conference on Islamic Education
Published: 2021-10-30


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